Preventing Substance Abuse in Hamilton County

Hamilton County Prevention Coalition began as the Advisory Council to Hamilton County Safe and Drug Free Schools Program in the early 1990’s and we evolved into a “grassroots” Coalition in 2003.  We have been operational ever since.

The Partnership’s mission is to reduce substance abuse among youth, and over time, among adults by addressing factors in our community that serve to increase the risk of substance abuse.

We also utilize the protective factors that serve to minimize the risk of substance abuse through strategic planning strategies to change the social environment of community neighborhoods.

No One’s House

No One’s House is a parent-to-parent campaign that works to reduce the amount of parents in a community who are providing teens with alcohol and/or allowing teens to drink in their homes. By pledging, you agree that you will not provide teens alcohol and will not willingly allow teens to drink alcohol at your home.

The Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Coalition is so excited you are helping to keep our teens safe. That’s great!

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Annual Golf Tournament

The Annual Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Coalition Golf Tournament is always great fun.

This year the tournament was held at the Francis Lake Country Club in Lake Park, GA.

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