No One's House


  • It is illegal to provide anyone, even your own child, alcohol if they are under the age of 21.
  • If you are caught providing alcohol to minorsyou face fines and jail time.
  • You may be held liable for any injures ordamages caused by providing a minor withalcohol- no matter where that occurs.
  • The teen brain is developing until the age of 25 and alcohol can damage that developing brain.
  • Research shows that underage drinking has a series of negative consequences including reduced school performance, crime, injuries, risky sexual situations, motor vehicle crashes, and large economic impacts.
  • In 2014, 19.3% of Hamilton County high school students reported “my home” and 41.5% reported “another person’s home” as their usual drinking location, (FYSAS).WHAT YOU CAN DO:
  • Refuse to give anyone alcohol who is under 21.
  • Be home when your teen has friends over.
  • Be sure teens are not bringing alcohol into yourhome.
  • Lock up any alcohol in your home.
  • Talk to other parents. Make sure they know youdo not support underage drinking.

Help us keep alcohol out of the hands of teens.

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